House Note finalists were judged on: the innovation of the design production and security features; uniqueness; aesthetic appeal, and clear explanation of how the house note elements would improve the security of a banknote if adopted.

Winning in this category is a significant industry and technical achievement. For the first time, voting was restricted only to central bank delegates. IACA supplier members were not permitted to vote. Thus the decision was entirely in the hands of central banks. “This is the highest endorsement we could wish for”, comments Clemens Berger the award win.

RollingStar® LEAD is an advanced banknote security foil, so intuitive that it ensures immediate recognition due to the multiple eye-catching OVD effects. With its striking, animated stripe, RollingStar® LEAD opens a new dimension of foil elements utilizing the proven micro-mirror technology of Louisenthal’s security threads.

The RollingStar® Registered thread supports the integration of communicating features, in consistently uniform layout, which assists in fast and reliable authentication. The dynamic moves in harmony with ocean waves when tilted. The versatility of the applied micro-mirror and colour shift technology enables perfect integration of dynamics and colour to the overall design theme.

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RollingStar® LEAD Foils
Based on our micromirror technology, these offer high security and are also very attractive! Choose from dynamic effects and shifting colours visible in nearly all lighting conditions.



Printed Security Features
Iridescent and colour-changing inks create alluring, anti-copy security effects, making them ideal for rapid authentication. Depending on the viewing angle, the printed elements are either visible or change colour when the note is tilted.