Status since March 20, 2020

Dear business partners,

People and businesses around the world are confronted with the consequences of the worldwide spreading of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It is of highest priority for Louisenthal to protect the health of employees, customers, partners and the general public, and to strictly follow the recommendations of the authorities in this regard.

Louisenthal has installed a central task force and crisis team to monitor the situation and anticipate major changes and their implications. The Management Board as well as the responsible persons of the respective locations are involved in the crisis team and ensure rapid decision-making. Louisenthal has taken various measures, in particular:


Protection of staff, partners, and customers

  • Business trips will be postponed until further notice or replaced by digital alternatives. In general, travel is very limited. Travel to risk areas or particularly affected areas* is suspended until at least the end of April.
  • In addition, we strongly advise our colleagues against private travel, especially to risk areas or particularly affected areas*.
  • Employees who have the opportunity to work from home make consistent use of this option. This request is even more stringent if employees have been in a risk area or particularly affected area* within the last 14 days. They are not allowed to return to their office workplaces.
  • As required by the authorities, we urge our colleagues to severely restrict social contacts.
  • Internal and external events organized by Louisenthal have been completely cancelled until further notice.
  • Significantly increased hygiene measures were established at all locations to prevent possible infections.
  • All employees have access to information and regulations in the context of COVID-19, which are updated regularly – currently daily.
  • Visits by external guests are strongly restricted and regulated.


Management of Business Continuity

  • During this challenging and unpredictable period, we remain as committed as ever to ensuring an uninterrupted process chain in our manufacturing operations so that you can receive your goods on the promised delivery date.
  • However, our delivery commitments are dependent on several factors beyond our control. These include regulations and restrictions imposed by the relevant authorities on our suppliers. Nevertheless, we work actively with all our supply chain and logistics partners to minimize potential complications.


All measures serve to prevent and delay further spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. At Louisenthal, the protection and welfare of our employees and the maintenance of our obligations to our customers are central to our business. Louisenthal stands 100% behind the official measures and supports them to the best of its ability.

We monitor the situation and the new frame conditions on a daily basis. In doing so, we adapt our measures at any time in line with the requirements. We will keep this website up to date at all times to keep our employees, customers and partners well-informed.

We would like to thank you for your confidence in Louisenthal and wish you, your families and colleagues all the best and, above all, good health in these turbulent times.

Contact: Please get in touch with your Louisenthal contact at any time for further information.

Papierfabrik Louisenthal GmbH

Louisenthal, March 20, 2020


* Risk areas and particularly affected areas according to the German 

Robert Koch Institute