Preserves the strengths of LongLife™ – and nature.

With Green LongLife, we have developed a banknote paper that makes a difference solely for nature: it’s printing and processes require no adjustment for the central bank. However, the amount of plastic has been reduced while increasing the biobased carbon content. Overall, we have reduced the carbon footprint of a Green LongLife note by 30% compared to a LongLife note without compromising on security, look and feel – or design freedom.

For security threads and foils, 70% recycled polyester is used. Alternative fibres such as organic cotton or abaca, hemp, or Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) can be chosen for substrate production. To ensure the highest durability and thus the lowest ecological footprint, Green LongLife can be coated, for example, with TOPnote® by G+D or comparable varnishes.

Layer graphic of a banknote
Closeup of banknote with lotus flower motive and water drops

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