The note features the sophisticated varifeye® Magic window feature. Within the window, micro-optic lenses magnify a micro-structure that by tilting the note triggers movement of a three-dimensional object e.g. in this case a change between the image of a camel and an image of the letter “K”.

As a barrier against counterfeiters, it serves as an easy authentication test for the general public! Directly under the window is the denomination value “1000” in micro text as a laser cut window. Another national symbol can be found on the holographic stripe, with the futuristic Baiterek Monument appearing as a hologram with matt structure, Animat®, SilkLine®, fine de-/metallisation effect and holographic effect that flips between “OSCE” and “2010”.

The ColourShift/ColourFix window thread is comprised of the optically variable element and new machine readable element MultiCode™ und Pole® features. When the note is tilted the ColourShift colours of the thread change from magenta to gold, whilst the reference colour remains magenta. A design with the text “OSCE” and “2010” remains fixed in gold colour. Viewed in reflected light, the de-metallised text “K3“is visible. With the aid of a Polarising filter, a further hidden design is visible.

Further Reading

Kazakhstan’s 1000 Tenge Banknote
The world’s first banknote featuring Louisenthal’s Moiré Magnifier feature. The production of this banknote paper involved pioneering work, for which the project has already received extensive recognition.



Best New Currency Feature for Louisenthal
Louisenthal’s varifeye® Magic ‘banknote window’ received a prize in the Best New Currency Feature category.



ColourShift Threads
ColourShift and ColourShift/ColourFix security threads deliver striking colours that change when the note is tilted. We offer a wide range of colour options so you can customise the thread to your banknote design.