“Noah’s Ark is not just a symbol of the salvation and rebirth of humanity. It is also a symbol of Armenian history, which is deeply rooted in European culture. We are proud and grateful to be able to provide support and assistance to the Armenian central bank in this project, which is so important for the country,” commented Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, Chairman of G+D Currency Technology.

The 500 dram note is Armenia’s first collector’s note and is already enjoying plenty of interest both in Armenia and internationally. The “Galaxy®”, “LaserCut™” and “RollingStar® LEAD” security elements which are harmoniously integrated into the overall layout and substrate enable quick and unambiguous verification through their distinctive color effects. The color shift from gold to green is dynamic and eye-catching. The high gloss depicts the value of gold. The motif of Noah’s Ark is included multiple times in the note: as a watermark; with in the LaserCut™ window, where it can be seen when light shines through it; and on the front of the note, which depicts the shrine which is said to contain a fragment of Noah’s Ark according to the tradition of the Armenian church. The wooden plank with a cross above it is created using the RollingStar® LEAD optically variable effect from G+D subsidiary Louisenthal, and looks brilliant and stunning. This security feature is based on microscopically small mirrors that are linked with other optically variable effects. The Galaxy® security thread combines a dynamic color shift from gold to green with a striking 3D effect that can be seen from any tilting angle – it is even identifiable in poor light and without specialist training. Its optical and dynamic effects are synchronized with those of RollingStar® LEAD.

500 dram commemorative note – front
Etchmiadzin Cathedral can be seen on the front. It was built in the 4th century and tradition states that it houses a fragment of Noah’s Ark.

500 dram commemorative note – reverse
Noah and his family, as well as various animals that took their place on Noah’s Ark, are depicted on the reverse.

In addition, it is Armenia’s first denomination to be based on the Hybrid™ substrate from the Louisenthal paper mill. Hybrid banknotes are particularly resistant, as both sides of the cotton substrate are covered with polyester foils, protecting the notes. At the same time, they have the same familiar feeling as banknotes made from cotton paper. “The Central Bank of Armenia’s plan to use the Hybrid™ substrate to issue the entire new banknote series is confirmation of the success of the 500 dram note,” added Seidemann.

Following successes in 2015 and 2017, this is now the third time that a product from G+D has received the renowned Regional Banknote of the Year award. The award has been given since 2014, and honors outstanding performance with respect to design, technical sophistication, and security in a banknote or banknote series for a global region. “One of our products winning this award once again shows that we are operating at the highest level globally with respect to design and security. Bringing together highly complex security elements with repeating motifs and optical effects represents an extremely high barrier for counterfeiters,” commented Seidemann.

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